Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate

Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate

I'm back in Chicago for a few days and I revisited the Anish Kapoor sculpture Cloud gate, affectionaly known as 'The Bean'

It's quite a brilliant bit of scuplture, a flawless fluid form of reflective steel.

Rockefeller Center in New York will be getting their own scupture called Sky Mirror. I'm not sure the placement will do it justice, as it will take away from the flow of Rockefeller center, while crowding an already very busy part of Fifth Ave. I think there are plenty of other locations that would perhaps serve as a better location. UPDATE: My good friend Andrzej has taken a pic of Sky mirror.

In comparison, Cloud Gate in Chicago is perfectly placed to relfect and distort the skyscrapers on two sides and attract quite a large crowd with plenty of room to give the piece its due.

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brad said...

One day I might get to visit the Gate.