Thursday, October 20, 2005

Flowers becomes my new #1...

Originally uploaded by markdemeny.

For some reason, despite all my best efforts - it seems my flower shots seem to rise to the top of the pile. Although my current views for new photos are much higher than they used to be, it seems that if I slip one in there while I'm shooting other things it tends to draw more views and more comments than a comparative shot. This is now the "Most Favourited" of all my pictures.

I think perhaps the Flickr thumbnail syndrome contributes to this - a really saturated, simple image will grab peoples attention, while a more subtle pic will not.

Not that I can complain - positive feedback is always nice and keeps me going. It's just something of a surprise, that's all.

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happily married said...

This photo allowed me to include this to my faves but not comment. Probably, you set it that way? Also, this photo can only be seen after clicking the “all sizes” icon. ‘Not my favorite flower. But it’s definitely my favorite shots of yours. You are probably right. Definitely, the Flickr thumbnail syndrome contributes to which photo gets the most views, etc.. You’ve got lots of interesting and amazing photos. The most important thing is that you are having fun taking pictures. The complements of others are just bonuses…